My journey

I got my start in snowboarding snow at the age of 9, in my backyard with the old Board to my cousin and without too much skiing before, I knew then move quickly to the Val Saint-Côme resort snow school. Having grown up in the Lanaudière region on a dairy farm, I’ve always had a great playground to share with my two brothers and my sister. I’ve always loved sports and being outdoors, I knew that someday I would get hook to a sport and develop my potential because I was already fascinated at a young age.

In 15 years I started my first season of snowboard slopestyle competitions. At the end of that same season I joined already of the Quebec team and 2 years later the Canadian development team. My passion got me all the way on the world cup circuit in halfpipe, slopestyle and Big Air disciplines.

Career change

I started my 2015-2016 season with a lot of determination, with the 2018 Olympic Games in my sights, never thinking that it would be my last season in snowboard slopestyle and Big Air. During a training camp in January 2016, I had a violent crash that gave me a concussion and put me off the snow for 3 months. My rehabilitation time got me thinking, It was far from my first injury, or my first concussion so I decided to prioritize my health especially that of my head by ending my freestyle snowboard career. It was a very difficult decision considering that the discipline helped me grow tremendously as an individual.

So I decided to give a shot at snowboard cross at the Canadian Championship at the end of the season to see if it would be an option for me. After virtually not being on the snow I was hoping just to make qualifications, then to my own surprise I came 4e in the final with my freestyle board and equipment. With a team, a coach, and equipment change, I decided to take up the challenge and join the Quebec team the following year for a season on the North American circuit.


Season 2017-2018

My North American title has allowed me to earn my place on the World Cup circuit, I go back on the international circuit with a lot of motivation and optimism for a top 15. The Olympic Games are still an option for me but not the priority for this season, I’ll take it a race at a time. My second goal will be to make the main Canadian team for the following season as I am on the development team at the moment.

2016-2017 season results

  • 11 podiums in 16 races with 7 podiums on 12 NorAm races
  • The North American 2017 circuit champion
  • Champion of the Canadian circuit Speed Nation 2017
  • 2017 Canadian champion
  • 3rd at the American Championship 2017


Audrey McManiman

  • Date of birth : January 24, 1995
  • Discipline : Snowboard Cross
  • Education : Student- Bachelor degree, Kinesiology (Laval University)
  • Years of experience : 12 years
  • Training sites : mount Moose, Lac Etchemin
  • Teams : Athlete of the national development team
  • Training Club : Excellence Snowboard
  • Coach : Nicolas Desmarais


Previous highlights

  • Recipients of the Neil Daffern Award of excellence by Canada Snowboard for the 2013-2014 season
  • Athlete of the Canadian development team in slopestyle from 2013 to 2016

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